Bernadett Jobbágy

Budapest based choreographer, performer and multimedia artist.

Graduated as Landscape Architect on Corvinus University of Budapest. Later she studied in the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, and then completed the audio-description study program provided by the University of Theatre and Film Arts (SZFE) and FSZK[1]. She works as independent artist, movement pedagogue and audio-describer, mainly in project-based structure, and in collaborations. As a member of ArtMan Association[2], inclusive performing practice is also part of her work. Her defining background in movement is contemporary dance and improvisation, Body-Mind Centering® somatic approach, Tai Chi and Qigong. In 2021 she finished film editing study in Lumiere Film School. Currently she is a researcher artist at the Doctoral School of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, and following the SME program of The School for Body-Mind Centering®.

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[1] FSZK (today it’s called NFSZK) is the Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities Non-profit Ltd.

[2] ArtMan Association for the Arts and Movement Therapy || facebook, web

As audio-describer, she works for accessible cultural contents for visually impaired people. She has been audio describing theater performances, film and animation films, exhibitions, audio books and conferences. She was a regular partner of Kolibri Theatre for Children and Youth, and she also described performances of the Symptom Ensemble and Kornél Mundruczó. She works regularly with the NEO Hungarian Association for Assistant Dogs, and the audio book version of Eszter Loványi: Kuku and his friends child book is also related to her name. In the fields of film audio-description she made the accessible version of Attila Dargay: Szaffi (animation; 2016), László Illés: The Shepherd (indie film; 2020), and Pixar: Onward (animation; 2021).

Audio-description: making cultural contents accessible for visually impaired people.

As choreographer, she researches and works along her own interests, addressing personal layers and facing with vulnerability. She works on a project basis, mostly in collaboration with co-creators. In 2013 she participated in the program of the Forum for Young Choreographers offered by the Central-European Dance Theatre, and her research was also supported by the VARP – Visegrad Funds Performing Arts Residency Program. In 2018, within the framework of the NKA IZP (National Cultural Fund – Imre Zoltán Program) she created the dance-theatre piece, entitled So Then the Stork, which – as part of the childless series – gives voice for the male point of view. In 2020, within Artus Studio Facing with the Fish (Arccal a halnak) program, she could present the online version of Tökéletes Hely || Perfect Place. Recently she works on the offline version of this dance piece together with her co-creators.


As performer, she has worked with choreographer Viktor Szeri (Sandy is going out; 2021) and since 2021, she was a member of the TV Free Europe | Szabad Európa TV crew, in the online and offline performances, screened from Budapest. She has collaborated with Farid Tehrani (IR) as choreographer and performer, and has been in many productions of Living Picture Theatre for many years. She worked with Offline: Ontheater, composer Balázs Alpár, Cirkolabor, Elektro-Moon Vision Polish-Hungarian duo, Ildiko Bóta (ArtMan Association), performed with the Belgian The Crew and the Portuguese CasaBranca, and collaborated in the joint project of Kepp Showroom and Kitchen Budapest.

As filmmaker, her starting point was making dance films, composing with the rhythm of movement in the frame, later she started to make reports and video portraits. She worked with András Krucsai first assistant; with cinematographers Levente Tóth, Claudia Kovács, Viktória Ribárszki, Bernadett Benkó and Dániel Szandtner; and with Viktor Borbély editor and colorist. She made project documentation (ArtMan Association), dance films, video clips (Lepsa Brena), multimedia content for fine art projects (with Zahra Fuladvand), and video interviews (eLitMed).


School: Lumiere Filmschool – basics of film editing (2021).

Since 2021 she is a researcher artist in the Doctoral School of the Hungarian Fine Art University, and doing artistic research on embodied film, with the help of her supervisor Réka Szűcs.

Award: II. Hungarian Special Independent Film Festival: ’Our faces’ grand prize for the report film Teaching each other [Egymást tanítva] (2016)