Labification || Collective research experiment No.1 [2023 | EN]

Title of the research activity: Collective research experiment No.1

Date of research activity: 2023. March 23.

Location: Library of the Hungarian Fine Art University, Budapest

Labification – metaphor or practice? was a one-day press conference, presentation and discussion
event within the frame of EU4Art_differences project. Within the program of this conference, four
researcher artist – Eva Bubla, Bernadett Jobbágy, Szilvia Vivi Papp (HUFA Doctoral School), and
Dominika Drótos (HUFA Painting Department) – planned and facilitated a collective experiment:
Collective research experiment No.1, which were not simply a presentation of their individual
researches, rather an activity which were in itself a research phase. The experiment started with a
somatic, sensory tuning-in, or bodystorming as it was referred to, led by Detti and Eva, with
exercises that facilitate the arrival of the audience at both the physical space of the conference and
the space within one’s own body and mind. Then, using these experiences, participants were
encouraged to explore the library space with the help of a map, visiting various installative and
performative stations related to each individual research. The sound of a bell marked the time to
return to a more discursive zone, where we opened space for sharing experiences of the library
mapping. Then, a discussion on “Art in the Public Sphere” was initiated and led by Dominika and Eva,
having Fanni Nánay, artistic director of PLACCC Festival and co-founder of Szendvicsbár as a guest
speaker. The open discussion aimed to map the position of an artist or cultural worker in the context
of social and environmental, ecological challenges of our days, relating to our research about socially
engaged art practices at times of war and the potential of art as a catalyst.

The library space installation contained the following stations:
/various adaptations of installation Designated Breathing Zone by Eva
/a Tactile Space by Detti
/’Lapsúlyos || Certain solitude’ video installation by Detti
/a live interview of Vivi with Klára Cserne in the frame of her “ Hoztam e világra ” (I brought a baby to
this world) project.

Photos by Julianna Nyíri / MKE