Lapsúlyos || Certain Solitude [2023 | EN]

choreographic moving image [dancefilm] – short; 08:07

The seeds of this choreographic moving image lay in my experiences being in the gym, running on the treadmill, and letting my perception shift, in which shift I could notice the choreography of this space around. The film oscillates between “everyday movement” and “dance”. I was also inspired by the endurance of muscles, the discharges of the body, especially the sweat, and the skin itself in this process.

As well touch plays an important role: how we touch different material qualities? How do we let ourselves been touched by the material, or by other people? How our eyes as beholders touch the screen while meeting with the images, and what may the images touch in ourselves? Skin and metal. Warm and cold. Inside and outside. A pause. A longing. Certain Solitude.



Performers: Attila DÁNIEL, Attila HORVÁTH, Rebeka Petra KISS, Emese KOVÁCS, Henrietta SUDÁR, Zsófi SZÁSZ

A camera / DOP: Dániel SZANDTNER

B camera: Zsolt MAGYARI

technician and DIT: Ambrus KERTÉSZ

production assistant: Péter MURVAI

editor: Bernadett JOBBÁGY

coloring: Viktor BORBÉLY

original music: Rozi MÁKÓ

director and choreographer: Bernadett JOBBÁGY

producer: Dániel HERNER, Bernadett JOBBÁGY

production Company: Filmworks Kft.

location of shooting: Lite Wellness Klub, Budapest

special thanks: Miklós Lendvay, Szilvi (Vivi) Papp, Réka Szűcs, Gábor Valuska

© Bernadett Jobbágy

The Project is supported by the KDP-2021 Program of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology from the source of the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund.


Installations, exhibition spaces:
  • March 23rd, as part of the Collective research experiment No.1. program within Labification – Metaphor or Practice? event in HUFA, Budapest
    » reflection of the event as research activity: HERE 
  • 2023. May 17th – 30th, within the exhibition entitled ‘A futás iránya’, Feszty-ház, HUFA Doctoral School, Budapest
    » event on FB
  • 2023. June 15th – Aug. 27th, within the exhibition entitled ’Fejér Vármegyei Tárlat’, Csók István Képtár, Székesfehérvár
    » event link
  • 2023. June 17th – 18th, SomaHut Festival 2023, Zagreb; organizer: Multimedijalna Koliba, partner: Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb
  • June 21st – 25th, in the program of ’Being With…’ annual conference of the Body-Mind Centering® Association, Geneva, New York, USA
    » conference program 
Coming screenings and festivals:
  • 2nd November, 2023: Frame x Frame Film Fest; Houston, TX, USA