ATMO_sphere [2022 | EN]

ATMO_shpere is an audiovisual performance, based on the sonic dialogue between the dancer and the musician, as the creator of analogue sounds and the creator of digital sounds. The instruments of the dancer (Bernadett) are her dress – a trousers made out of a noisy fabric -, the shoes and the ground, and seeds falling down; while the instruments of the musician (Rozi) are synthesizers, audio interface and a computer. The 15 minutes performance creates an intimate atmosphere (required a small space with low intensity lighting, one projector, and good sound system), where this soft and delicate dialogue can unfold, and grow into a dynamic sonic space, from where it calms down again. The audience is around the performance space, creating and holding the space for the action, while also immersed in it.



Idea: Bernadett JOBBÁGY

Creators and performers: Bernadett Jobbágy (dance), Rozi MÁKÓ (electronic music)

Projection: Bernadett JOBBÁGY

Photo credits: Anna Tóth



Premiere: in the frame of ‘Nights of The Museums, Budapest’, as part of the HUFA programs; in Calvary Building, Epreskert, HUFA, Budapest, 2022

Festivals: SomaHut Festival 2023, Zagreb