MKE KDP Filmklub #1 [2023 | EN]

“MKE KDP Filmclub” – screening and professional roundtable as part of doctoral research on somatic moving images
Session #1: Adaptation of a stage work into a dance film – possibilities, challenges, specificities of the film medium and creative choices in the process.
For anyone, who is interested in choreographic moving images, dance films, experimental films, interested in how a contemporary dance work written for the stage is transformed into a film, or who would simply like to spend two hours with us.

Screening program:

1. Arany – Hadi: S t e p O U T i n T i m e (24’55”)
2. Kovács Kinga: Waving Distances (14’05”) – work in progress version
3. Szűcs – Veres: 27 // I Have Never Been that Old (9’27”)

After the screening, a professional round table discussion will take place, along the event’s theme, with the filmmakers.
Participants of the discussion:Kovács Kinga (koreográfus), Darvas Bence (operatőr), Őri Kiss Botond (zeneszerző), Jobbágy Bernadett (vágó), Veres Flóra (koreográfus), Szűcs Dóra Ida (társ-alkotó, előadó), Harsányi Réka (vágó), Szűcs Réka (rendező), Szabó Gábor (operatőr), Várhegyi Rudolf (hangmérnök)
Moderator of the discussion: Szűcs Réka

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* MKE, as the Hungarian University of Fine Arts is the home institute of the research itself.
* KDP, as it is supported by a Cooperative Doctoral Scholarship Programme (KDP-2021). Supported by the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund.
* And Filmclub, because we watch films and talk about them.
Hosts of the event: Jobbágy Bernadett, Lendvay Miklós, Szűcs Réka
Collaborative partner: Katlan Csoport, Kláris Kiadó és Művészeti Műhely