IRREVERSIBLE – Traces of various acts [2022 _EN]

performance & video installation

Concept, editing, installation: Bernadett Jobbágy

White Body (dancer): Kinga KOVÁCS

Black Figure (painter): Bernadett JOBBÁGY

Camera: Viktória RIBÁRSZKI

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As performance:

  • Kispont Gallery, Budapest; 2021
    The action was placed inside the gallery, along the large window surface. Audience could see the performance from the street, while the performers played inside. At the beginning, the white body is ‘clean’ and untouched and the window is fully transparent. In the succession of the performance the paint material leaves traces of the movements of the black figure, until the surface became completely full and covered. The silhouettes of the two figures stands still. Clean a part of the window in front of their faces, and stare to the outside. Stand. Still.

As video installation:

  • KIRAKAT! || IZLOG! – solo exhibition; Magyarkanizsa; Serbia; 2021
  • Connection | Kapcsolódás | Povezanost – group exhibition, Streamlet Art Association; Dobó Tihamér Képtár Magyarkanizsa; Serbia; 2021
    In this version (video _ installation) the camera is at the same side of the action as the performers. The white body is in front of a large white sheet, and everything happens in one act. The colours, the splashes and drowning lines stay as unreplicable imprint of actions of the black figure. Later the white body becomes more and more active and the black one retreats. The camera pans the surface of the sheet, and the skin of the white figure.This recording was the origin of the work, and performance version is the adaptation of the action for camera into a shop-window positioned live event. The first installation of the video was also placed into a shop-window.