Reality shifts [2017 / 2023]

Personal layers of realities in the passage of time. Encounters. Space. As rhythms of a city, and rhythms of different living beings intersect. Embody.
Grass growing on the rock. Now is only now.

This dance film was shot in urban open spaces of Budapest, Hungary. Dancers were sensing into the places, and from the felt qualities of each other, the space, the surrounding, and people around, actions raised. The film is based on this presence. The shared present moment of performer, cinematographer, and space.


Film history and creation information:
The film was shot in 2017, as my first dancefilm project. I loved the material, but I did not have much consciousness and knowledge on filmmaking as discipline and profession. Much later I’ve studied film editing in a school frame, and started my doctoral research on embodied filmmaking. Suddenly I started to feel the need (and the potential of this material) to re-adjust few things, and make a 2023 version of it.



cast: BARKÓ Tamás, BOROS Flóra, FÓRIZS Bea and Hayam, HEIM Boglárka, Cristof JELLINEK and Linnja, JOBBÁGY Bernadett, KÁLMÁN Ferenc, KOVÁCS Kinga, KUKODA János, LAKATOS-VARGA Boglárka, LORSCHY Péter, MAKRA Viktória, MÁRFÖLDI Bea, NYÁRI-NAGY Ibolya, PALÁSTHY János, PÁLFY Gabriella, SZILÁGYI Krisztián, SZIRTES Krisztina, SZŰCS Ildikó, TÓTH Levente, TÓVAJ Rozi

director and choreographer: Bernadett JOBBÁGY // onopordum performance

producer: András KRUCSAI

DOP and Colorist: Levente TÓTH

music: Peter NANASI //



Music Video Awards, 2023 – official selection

Thessaloniki Cinedance International, 2023 – official selection